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Whether your baby prefers to stretch out or stay tightly wrapped the Kid Kobe Wrap Clip is for you.

The specially designed clip prevents the wrap around your baby from undoing.

Kid Kobe Wrap Clip keeps your baby securely fastened.

Simply attach the clip on a wrap of your choice and once your baby is wrapped/swaddled, use the wrap clip to fasten your baby. Now your baby will stay snug and secure.

Kid Kobe Wrap Clip is adaptable to all wrapping styles and
available in a variety of colours.

Thanks to Kid Kobe, you and your baby can now have a good nights sleep.

Research has shown that to prevent the risk of SIDS it is recommended babies are wrapped and placed on their back to
sleep. Children up to the age of 6 months are vulnerable to SIDS
until they can roll from their back to their tummy and to their back again. When your baby can do this, we recommend you stop the use of the Wrap Clip.


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